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Venue / Travel Information


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Lenggries is a charming Bavarian village about 70 km south of Munich. We will hold the meeting in the Arabella Brauneck Hotel which offers lodging and conference facilities, including space for industrial exhibitors. Besides the about 100 rooms in the conference location, Lenggries offers accommodations at various price levels.


The EuroMBE 2019 location can be reached very conveniently. Local trains from Munich central train station reach Lenggries in only one hour; travel times from Munich airport to the city center are about 30 min.

There is a downhill skiing area ("Brauneck") with slopes for all levels of skiers. Also, attractive cross-country skiing areas are nearby. The time we have chosen coincides with the best local ski season.


Please note that EuroMBE takes place during the height of the ski season. We will therefore notify you as early as possible about the acceptance of your contribution (see important dates) and advise you to take advantage of blocked rooms in a timely manner.


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